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Our site - Pretoria

We have successfully conducted over 150 trials in many indications for both Sponsors and Contract Research Organisations. By keeping up to date with new trends we are able to share knowledge with less experienced sites and investigators, we also, by association, exposure new sites and investigators to both pharmaceutical companies and CROs through mentoring. We constantly look for ways to improve recruitment, adherence to time lines and ensure stress free monitoring. Most importantly we care for our patients and will always put their needs and well-being first.

We have conducted numerous trials in the following indications:

Respiratory - Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia, Influenza

Endocrine - DM, dyslipidemia, diabetic neuropathy

Infectious diseases - Esophageal and oral candidiasis

Skin and Soft Tissue - Impetigo, diabetic foot ulcers

Musculo skeletal - osteoarthritis, backache

Cardiovascular - CVA, CCF, PAD (claudication), in combination with DM, hypertension

Psychiatry - Depression

and many others from Phase II to IV

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